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Welcome to our restaurant "L'Esprit d'Elisa" - where gastronomy meets nature

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Immerse yourself in the enchantment of nature at L'Esprit d'Elisa, our organic gastronomic oasis.

Let yourself be seduced by our unique culinary creations, where fresh ingredients combine with natural aromas to awaken your taste buds to new experiences.

Under the passionate guidance of our chef Renate-Elisa, each dish becomes an exquisite sensory journey, inviting you to savour every bite and discover the beauty of nature.

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Good food and drink keep body and soul together

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A unique and tasty experience.

Gift your friends and families a pleasant moment in our restaurant. Order your gift voucher now & click the link below.

Our Organic Wines

with a strong personality.

The expression of the terroir, through its characteristic grape varieties.

The special touch:

Sweet and sparkly white wine, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Muscat

without alcohol - rich in taste !

This selection of grape varieties does not contain fermentation, preservatives or pesticide residues.

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All my wines are certified,

Organic farming, some according to Demeter, Biodyvin and vegan guidelines.


Alcohol is dangerous for your health. Know how to appreciate and consume with moderation.

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