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Menus according to the seasons


My kitchen

A fusion cuisine, committed, tasty, refined and creative, products from our organic garden and organic farming, locavore in priority.


Homemade - handcrafted

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Chef Renate-Elisa compose your unique menu.

It will be communicated to you on this web-site, by email or on request.

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The menus

The menus are composed of either meat (veal - lamb - beef) and/or fish, shellfish, poultry (no pork).

Little Gourmet menu

up to 10 years inclusive


Vegetarian menus are independent creations that cannot be adapted to the main menu.


Gourmet sketches

  • Creamy wild herb velouté - fried quail egg

  • Smoked Pyrenean trout - nori - wasabi - smoked mackerel caviar...

  • Vegetarian tartare of vegetables - asparagus - chili...

  • Smoked red beet carpachio - horseradish mousse ...

  • Sea and land - mackerel - cumin juice....

  • etc

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Esquisses Gourmandes

  • Homemade sushi compositions - maki - Nigiri sushi and vegetarian ...

  • Original Japanese broth - shiitake - sake ...

  • Grilled king prawn - sage - papaya - mango ...

  • Carrot and Hokkaido velouté - Noilly Prat - ginger - honey - Espelette chili...

  • Scallops - sage - pumpkin cream - orange - cardamom ....

  • etc

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Unique menu

The menu changes twice a month according to inspiration, with an emphasis on seasonal, locavore, organic produce and our organic garden as a priority.

Meat from France

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Saturday evening - Sunday noon

  • 2 to 3  appetizers

  • entrance

  • fish / vegetarian dish

  • freshness

  • meat / vegetarian dish

  • dessert

price between 52€ and 56€

Market Return (in Week)

  • entrance

  • flat

  • dessert


price between 28€ - 32€

magret_sausse1 1.jpg


there's nothing like a good end to a meal

My Delights

a real pleasure

for the mind and the senses


A selection

  • Blueberry Delight

  • Grand Marnier parfait - poached peaches, almond crisp, crumbles, coconut

  • Pavlova, physalis, light yogurt cream, crunchy quinoa, pineapple sage flowers

  • Poached pear, light espresso mousse, sweet spices, sage flowers, orange tuile / almonds, dried pears, orange syrup and kaffir lime zest

  • Ginger Poached Peach Parfait

  • Soft cakes with poppies, honey, marinated raspberries

etc ...

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Reservations are made only by email:


or through our booking form.

Depending on our availability, a confirmation SMS will be sent to you.


For a better organization, we do not take passing customers.

My Organic Wines

with a strong personality

The expression of the terroir, through its characteristic grape varieties

The little extra

the pleasure of a sweet and sparkly white wine, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Muscat

without alcohol - rich in taste!

My selection of grape varieties does not contain fermentation, preservatives or pesticide residues

Image de Nacho Domínguez Argenta

All my wines are certified,

Organic farming,

some according to Demeter, Biodyvin and Vegan guidelines


Alcohol is dangerous for health. Know how to appreciate and consume in moderation.

Image de Bruno Martins
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